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Kristin Ling is a mortgage loan officer at our Lincoln branch and has worked for Midwest Bank since 2022. Kristin grew up in Casper, Wyoming and after high school graduation, she attended Casper College and the University of Wyoming.

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In Kristin’s current role at Midwest Bank as a mortgage loan officer, she loves helping clients purchase new homes. She also can help clients if they want to refinance their home for a lower rate or access some of their home equity for large purchases, debt consolidation, or other financial needs. Kristin brings over 25 years of banking experience to Midwest Bank and has been a mortgage loan originator for 16 years.

In her free time, Kristin Ling enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children, and their dog. Kristin also loves to travel and dreams of one day getting to visit Africa. Her favorite memories growing up are hiking and cross-country skiing in the mountains near Casper and weekend road trips around Wyoming. Kristin tries to visit somewhere new every year. And, when it comes time to retire, Kristin would love to retire around the Las Vegas area, and she’s not even a gambler!

We asked Kristin what the best thing was so far about working at Midwest Bank. She said, “I really like how we are encouraged as employees to learn more about each other and our families. We recognize the milestones that happen outside of work in addition to the ones that happen at work.”

And, if you’re thinking about switching banks, Kristin explains why you should choose Midwest Bank for your personal or business banking needs. “It’s our personalized service. Someone will always answer the phone when you call, you’ll talk to a real person each time. And we have the friendliest environment, always welcoming you when you come into the branch.” And when we asked Kristin to describe Midwest Bank in just three words, she summed it up pretty perfectly.

“Small town feel”.

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