Guarding against deception: secure your business with robust Fraud Management solutions for peace of mind.

Protecting against fraud is paramount for businesses. Fraud can lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, and legal issues. Effective fraud management systems not only safeguard assets but also build trust with customers and partners. Investing in fraud prevention is an essential aspect of responsible and successful business operations.

We offer two fraud management solutions for your business.

Check Positive Pay

Easily compare check-paid items against issue information from payment and cyber fraud.

  • Early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks before they clear your account
  • Strengthens your internal controls
  • Protects your account from fraudulent items posting

ACH Positive Pay

A solution that manages ACH debits and/or ACH credits posting to your business account.

  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent ACH transaction activity
  • Control what transactions are allowed
  • Prevent all ACH activity from posting to an account or specify which entries should be allowed to post
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