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Community Banking

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Abbey working the front desk in the Lincoln branch Careers

Integrity in Action: Midwest Bank Values

Kelsey Schrader | Human Resources | Administration Midwest Bank is more than a place for transactions; we are a partner in th...

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Midwest Bank's beliefs Careers

Embracing a Culture of Connection

At Midwest Bank, we go beyond transactions to create a culture that is backed by our beliefs. Learn more about Midwest Bank's...

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2 man and a woman having a casual business meeting Community Banking

Benefits of Local Banking

Local banks and credit unions offer a plethora of benefits that can significantly impact individuals, communities, and the ov...

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Embrace community banking Community Banking

Embracing Community Banking

In an era of vast technological advancements and global connectivity, community banking continues to hold a special place in ...

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5 reasons to switch to a community bank Community Banking

5 Reasons to Switch to a Community Bank

Learn more about reasons why you should switch to a community bank and the benefits that Midwest Bank offers....

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local banker shaking hands with a farmer in an alfalfa field with windrows behind them Agriculture

Why Farmers Should Choose a Community Bank

While big commercial banks may seem like the obvious choice, there is a compelling case to be made for farmers to choose a co...

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Community Banking Header Community Banking

Community Banking is Better Banking

Community banks like Midwest Bank offer personalized services, local decision-making, and support the communities they serve....

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