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Embracing a Culture of Connection

Published February 9, 2024

Amy Schroeter | Vice President/Human Resources | Administration

At Midwest Bank, we go beyond transactions and balances to create an atmosphere that is backed by our beliefs. We stand apart with a set of guiding beliefs that shape its identity, fostering a culture where relationships are cherished, and individuals matter.

 “If it matters to you, it matters to us.”

Midwest Bank is committed to empathy, understanding, and shared values. We strive to understand our client’s concerns and priorities, emphasizing a sense of responsibility and solidarity. We acknowledge everyone has a unique situation and our team is willing to listen and respond to the needs of others. This philosophy promotes Midwest Bank’s culture, where the well-being and individual experiences of each client is essential to our success.

“We believe we get one chance to make a good first impression.”

At Midwest Bank, we understand the significance of initial encounters in shaping perceptions and relationships. Our team is committed to having a lasting impact on anyone who walks into our branches. That’s why Midwest Bank emphasizes the importance of authenticity and positivity when meeting new people and businesses.

“We believe that no one is more important than the person right in front of you.”

Midwest Bank believes that in any given moment, the individual directly in front of you deserves your full attention, empathy, and consideration. We understand the importance of being present, fostering genuine connections, and recognizing the worth of each person we encounter. Midwest Bank’s culture encourages a mindset that values relationships over distractions.

“We believe that you don’t have to be the leader to be a leader.”

At Midwest Bank, we emphasize the idea that leadership is not confined to a formal position or title. We believe that anyone has potential to exhibit leadership qualities and make a positive impact. This perspective encourages Midwest Bank staff to take initiative and contribute to the collective goals.

“We believe a smile can be heard.”

At Midwest Bank, we understand that a simple smile communicates genuine joy and comfort without having to say anything. When you walk into our branches, you are greeted with a smile with the belief that our team is fostering connections and brightening the moment.

“We believe in genuine connections, positive first impressions, and the power of a smile. It’s not just banking, it’s belonging to a family that listens, appreciates, and connects – where every individual truly matters.”

Amy Schroeter

Midwest Bank’s beliefs form the foundation of a financial institution that goes beyond traditional banking. Our commitment to leadership at every level, genuine connections, positive first impressions, empathy, and the power of communication creates a culture that not only values financial transactions but also fosters a community where people feel heard, appreciated, and connected. Prioritizing relationships is a refreshing approach to banking, making Midwest Bank not just another bank, but a community-driven partner focused on client’s success.

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