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Meet Corby at Midwest Bank

Published October 15, 2023

Meet Corby at Midwest Bank. Corby has been with Midwest Bank for seven years. Currently, he is a Loan Officer at our Plainview branch. Corby grew up in Brunswick, Nebraska – a small town with a population of around 150 people. Corby attended Northeast Community College and studied horticulture and golf course management and business administration. He then transferred to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to major in Agribusiness with an emphasis on ag banking and finance.

Corby started with Midwest Bank as a part-time Customer Service Representative in Plainview one summer during college. Corby received some advice to continue his career with Midwest Bank when he transferred to Lincoln. He worked at the Lincoln branch and after graduation, he came back to the Plainview branch. He participated in our internship program and worked his way up to becoming a Loan Officer.

As a Loan Officer, Corby helps customers with their financial needs and goals. He can assist customers with agriculture, commercial, home, or personal loans. Corby also helps with other customer banking tasks whenever needed.

I’m a believer that the people you work with are what makes working so fun. I enjoy working with all our customers each and every day. It makes it very easy to come to work every morning.

Corby Forbes

Corby loves living in Nebraska, especially in Plainview. When asked where he wants to retire someday, he responded “I imagine retiring in this area. I like the thought of living by the farm where it’s peaceful but somewhere I’m able to remain active. Somewhere close to a golf course as well!” He also loves living in Plainview because he’s surrounded by everything he loves, his family, friends, and the farm.

Corby thinks the best thing about working at Midwest Bank is the people. He says “I’m a believer that the people you work with are what makes working so fun. I enjoy working with all our customers each and every day. It makes it very easy to come to work every morning”.

He also explains why a community bank is the better choice for customers. It all comes down to service and support. “At a community bank like ours, we pick up the phone and truly care about our customers and doing what is best for them. Community banks show their support and involvement in the communities year after year. By banking with a community bank, it is helping their communities grow”.

And if you’re thinking about switching banks, Corby explains why Midwest Bank is the best choice. “We ALWAYS put the customer in mind first. We’re a small enough bank that it allows us to still give a personal touch, but large enough to provide our clients with the newest and best services out there.” There’s just something special about a community bank that puts customers first.

Corby has two older brothers and two older sisters, he explains “My parents clearly saved the best for last!” He also recently got married in September 2021 to his wife Emily. They recently welcomed their first child, a daughter, Baylor, in January 2023. They have a Bernese Mountain dog named, Grizzly and although he’s 110 pounds, Corby assures everyone he’s a giant baby. Corby loves golfing and cheering on the Huskers, and his dream vacation is somewhere like Italy or Scotland where he can visit architectural cathedrals as well as golf at some historic golf courses.

When asked to describe Midwest Bank in three words, Corby said “Family. Loyal. Caring”. And his favorite Midwest Bank Memory? “Celebrating a bank financial milestone as a branch, going to Yankton for dinner, visiting an escape room, and playing mini golf. I enjoy being around my coworkers, so it was fun to do something like this outside of the bank”.

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